Wednesday, April 11, 2007

the mummy returns

with pun intended please! i have begun this post numerous times. each time i've had to discontinue thanks to my inability to become superwoman :( now i know why the goddess has multiple pairs of hands.

now that m is more than 3 months old and last night slept a record 6 hours straight, i am feeling more like a 'normal' human being. no matter what anyone says, nothing, and i mean nothing, can prepare you for the three months after your first baby arrives. i had grand plans of resuming swimming after the 1st month. i was mental. through and through.

so coming back to NOW. m smiles a lot and is very interactive. he's FINALLY big enough for me to swing him in the air. i can't wait for him to be slightly bigger so i can throw him up and catch him, and then even bigger so i can sit him on my shoulders, and then even more so i can chase him around the house. and then he shouldn't grow any more :)

and "where have all the bloggers gone"?