Thursday, February 08, 2007


a friend came over to meet m with her daughters, aged 4 (A) and 6 years (S).

S: he's so cute.
me: thank you...and what do you think (i ask the 4 year old)?
A: i don't like him.
me (amused): why not?
A: because he's so little.
me: yeah..that's true.
A: can he walk?
me: no, not yet.
A: why? he has legs so why can't he walk?
me: ummm...

a little later, after m had a bawling bout -

S: why does he cry?
me: he can't talk, so he cries when he has to say something, eg, if he's hungry.
S: if he can cry, why can't he talk?

answers, anybody?


we took m shopping. at some point, the new daddy decided that he wanted to do 'men things' with his son and give the two women (my mum and myself) time to do our own thing. so he went to 'media markt', a haven for electronic-geeks. mum and i went to a cafe and chatted. we met up with the 'men' after some time, and s looked completely psyched. before i could ask, he said:

"so i'm having a wonderful time looking around at gadgets, and m is very well-behaved. he sleeps throughout, while i choose dvds and other stuff. when i reach the counter to pay, he wakes up and whimpers. i peep into his stroller, smile and say sh-sh, and continue my attempt to manage the bulky carton with the printer and all the other stuff i bought. the next thing i know, m is howling. REALLY loudly. so i put everything down, and pick him up and try to comfort him. he cries even louder. by now, people are staring..some giving me really pitiful looks, others glaring. and there are these 2 indian-looking guys close-by and i hear one of them say 'arre iski ma kidhar hai?'